Passport to Broadway Mission

The StudentsLive Passport to Broadway Program allows students the opportunity to experience, first hand, the best live, Broadway interactive theater education programs, taught by the best, highly trained Broadway specialists, our country has to offer. The program allows students to experience the intensive training of a professional, successful and highly disciplined Broadway Artist and the myriad skills required in collaboration, interrelation, communication and human exploration. The goals are to expand and deepen students understanding and familiarity with all areas of Broadway Theater and to enhance their studies in human behavior, culture, intention and expression. Through challenging music, dance, acting and, most importantly, the unique art form of “putting it all together”, taught by the best professionals on Broadway, StudentsLive prepares students to be highly competitive in whatever career they choose to pursue as well as prepare for the best universities and career opportunities possible.

Through StudentsLive’s Passport to Broadway Program, StudentsLive provides international and domestic students of all ages with the invaluable resources and insights to becoming a serious actor/performer in New York. During the course of StudentsLive’s time with the students, they broaden their knowledge of the importance of performance studies combining choreography, voice, and acting to achieve the skills of a “triple threat” and increase their competitive ability and skills in the Broadway Industry. At the end of the course the students perform a live, original “Broadway Show” for a select and invited audience of top-tier Broadway Professionals. In this intensive, students will also be exposed to the invaluable and often inaccessible resources New York Broadway Theater has to offer.