The Passport to Broadway Program offers international students a chance to experience, first hand, the best live, Broadway interactive theater education programs, taught by the best, highly trained Broadway specialists, our country has to offer. It allows these young students to experience the intensive training of a professional, successful and highly disciplined Broadway Artist and the myriad skills required in collaboration, interrelation, communication and human exploration. The goals are to expand and deepen students understanding and familiarity with Broadway. Through challenging music, dance, acting and “behind the scenes” studies physically, verbally and intuitively, we prepare them to be highly competitive in whatever career they choose to pursue.

1a. Do you track your students’ progress and success after they leave the workshop?

Each of our students has the opportunity to showcase their skills for Broadway Casting Directors. Two of our top- Casting Directors that take part are Duncan Stewart and Benton Whitley from Duncan Stewart and Company.

During the Final Performance, Top-Broadway Professionals and Actors see the students perform and give feedback following the show. The Broadway shows and professions affiliated with the audience include:

Costuming Designers – Producers - Set Designers - Casting Directors
Actors Agents – Performers – Choreographers - Musicians

From shows including:
Phantom, Chicago, Rock of Ages, Shrek, Tarzan, Memphis, How to Succeed, Priscilla, The Book of Mormon, Scottsboro Boys, A Chorus Line, Catch Me If You Can, Fela!, Billy Elliot, Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins, Anything Goes, Wicked, and more.

Additionally, as Artistic Director for StudentsLive, Amy Weinstein has had an expansive career in teaching and some of my students have gone onto acclaimed Broadway and television careers including: Christopher Jackson, MaDonna Grimes, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Many of the students are pursuing careers where they are in touch with the people they have met through our program. Some of our students that took part in the Brazil Summer 2011 Program have been cast in Rio and San Paulo productions of Fame, Les Miserables and other Broadway-style international productions. They have sent thanks to us for allowing them to grow as actors and gain important theatre arts experience through our program. StudentsLive remains in touch with them regularly to track their progress and to help try and find agents and casting directors for when they come to New York City- especially if they are coming to accomplish their goal of performing on Broadway based on their own hard work, perseverance and a strong pursuit of their careers and goals.

1b. Student Tracking Through New York University
StudentsLive also is thrilled to announce that New York University (NYU) is both an advocate and supporter of the Passport to Broadway Programs. NYU is allowing tours and interviews for participants of the Passport to Broadway Programs directly coordinated and referred by StudentsLive. This is for both the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs! We are thrilled and excited to move forward with NYU as a partner and look forward to new adventures in Theatre Arts and Education with this wonderful University.

2. Your Program and Show- What is the name of it and has it been previously done?
The program has been produced six times for Students from South Korea and once for Students from Brazil. It has also been performed at the United Nations twice; both with our South Korean Students and at the Human Rights and Discrimination Conference with students from:

Thailand – Tibet - Dominican Republic - Senegal

Please see the synopsis for Journey to America for ages 8 to 13, and Broadway Dreams for ages 14 and older. The songs are from real Broadway Shows from the past 50 years. The original arrangements and story line that ties them together are by StudentsLive. The goal is to have them learn and perform real Broadway songs and choreography from the actual Broadway Productions.

3. How will StudentsLive cast roles? Will all participants play one role?
The First Day consists of Mock Broadway Auditions, Casting and Preview of the Final Broadway Musical Performance. Each person will have a specific role in the performance with materials that include customized scripts, study guides and vocal tracks to learn the music from. Each student plays either one lead role throughout the piece, or various different ensemble parts. Participants will go through a Broadway-style audition process where they will sing, dance and act with material from the show they will be performing. The Musical Director, Choreographer and Director will make decisions as to which part they will receive based on their skill levels.

4. Accommodations and Transportation In New York

The hotel/hostel information is not confirmed until travel arrangements are being made. Many groups do stay in the Times Square area, or in New Jersey depending upon budget, transportation and other factors. We can provide you a connection to our Travel Partners and Hostelling International- New York Partner that can help set up these packages upon request (See End For More Hosteling Information).

5. If our group flies directly to New York, who will meet them at the airport (JFK/LGA/EWR)?

This would again be a part of the Travel Partner package. However, StudentsLive is more than happy to have one of its' team members meet your group as well.

6. Is this the first group or have projects like this been completed in a past?
Since 2009, StudentsLive has had six groups attend ages 8-13 from South Korea, one group from Brazil (ages 18-29). In 2012 student groups ranging in age from 8 to 28 are showing interest from Italy, China, Spain, Russia, Turkey, and France. South Korea has a contract with StudentsLive through 2013.

7. What dancing/acting/vocal skills must participants have?

We select schools in the following skill levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Each organization that we work with helps us determine what levels their students have experience in. From there, we modify our base-curriculum to meet each individual group's level.

Example: Our Students from Brazil were Intermediate to Advanced. Our Students from South Korea were Beginning. All students are ultimately challenged to go beyond their existing skill levels in singing, acting, dancing and English language within the performance and program.

8. What documents will be distributed at the end of the project?
Students receive a Broadway certificate of completion, a report card evaluation from the teachers, and a farewell celebration lunch or dinner with the creative team.

9. How will/has this project be reported in media? (TV, Press, Internet)StudentsLive has many media sources
. Our programs have also been covered and written about in national and local print and electronic media by The New York Times, The Jane Pauley Show, Court TV, Variety, The Daily News, The New York Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, UPN, and NY1, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. We are in discussion to create a documentary/film about this program for television/film in 2012.

Please take a look at our wonderful new StudentsLive Broadway Education Programs Reel that you can view by clicking below:

StudentsLiveis also proud to announce our Passport To Broadway has a new home base website.

Please check back regularly as we update and build an interactive “around-the globe” Broadway website for our exciting programs.

Here are the links to our International Program Press Releases that have gone live on,, and

For our South Korean Winter 2012 Photo Gallery Click Below:

For our Brazilian Press Release Click Below:<

For our South Korean Press Releases Click Below:

Please find below YouTube Links to our Brazilian Program, South Korean Final Performance and the United Nations Performance:

"Journey To America" Feature Documentary (No permission is given for distribution, copy or broadcast without the expressed written permission and consent of StudentsLive, Inc.)

Passport to Broadway: Brazil- Part One
Passport to Broadway: Brazil- Part Two
Passport to Broadway: Brazil- Part Three

Passport to Broadway: South Korea- Part One
Passport to Broadway: South Korea- Part Two
Passport to Broadway: South Korea- Part Three

Passport to Broadway: South Korea at UN- Part One
Passport to Broadway: South Korea at UN- Part Two
Passport to Broadway: South Korea at UN- Part Three

If you are not following us on Facebook, you can find our page as "StudentsLive Broadway Education Programs" in the search box. Add us to your page for the most up-to-date information from StudentsLive. You can also follow our tweets at with the usernames: StudentsLiveBEP and PassportToBway.

10. Will any official video/film/photo be taken of the Final Performance?
does film the performance for both archival and further promotion purposes. We also give a complimentary copy to the organization for their own use and distribution. Pictures can also be taken by our staff or a professional photographer for an additional fee.

11. What Financial/Requirements/Registration/Etc. Information will be provided?
StudentsLive has an Official Contract that outlines the partnership agreement between our company and each organization. This includes: financial deposit and balance timelines as well as registration requirements and mutually contractual obligations.

12. What types of Chaperones/Leaders are needed?  Who will plan trips/activities/etc.?
StudentsLive is open to the possibility of creating an exclusive contract with each of our partner countries, depending upon the commitment each country makes to our program. Generally the school, organization or chaperones travel with the students and help organize it locally. If you need a tourist agency from our end, rather than locally, we are happy to provide reference, although they will only be responsible for the travel and accommodations portion of the students' trip. We always need a point-person in each country to manage the program requirements from top to bottom.

13. Do participants need some kind of speaking advisor/translator in NYC?
The organization from each country usually brings a translator or StudentsLive can provide at an additional cost. Our company tries to limit the use of the translators in an effort for the students to learn the show fully in English and speak English with the team as much as possible while in New York. StudentsLive also uses a variety of universal musical theater body/hand and physical, dance and acting language teaching techniques to help the students without English language proficiency.

14. At which theatre will the students perform?

Pearl Studios- Rehearsal Studios
(Subject To Availability)
519 8th Avenue between 35th and 36th Streets
(Or a Broadway Rehearsal Studio Within Walking Distance To Times Square) 

Final Performance Location:
(Subject to Availability)

Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (MMAC)
(248 W. 60th Street between West End and Amsterdam Avenues)


Description: Description:
New World Stages
(340 W. 50th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues)

15. Our group wants to see a show- how do we get a Group Discount?
This depends on the Broadway performances that you would like to see. The prices of tickets are not included in the StudentsLive Program Package. However, we can assist with reserving Broadway Show Tickets at a Group Discount for your group. Many shows have minimum numbers that need to be met for this type of ticket price (between 10 and 20 people). Please go to for all Broadway show listings.

16. Where Can My Group Stay?

Home may be far from New York, but let our partner give you all the comforts and help you meet new friends! StudentsLive is excited to announce a new partnership with Hostelling International NY (HINY)!

HI-New York is Manhattan's premier hostel and the biggest in North America - located in a landmark building on the Upper West Side-just one block from Broadway and a main subway line, and only minutes from glorious Central Park. StudentsLive, in partnership with HI-New York, has created a Passport to Broadway Package with rooms as low as $40 per night.

HI-New York
891 Amsterdam Ave., New York NY, 10025-4403
(Between 103rd and 104th Streets)

Metro - New York Subway - Take Uptown #1 to 103rd St & Broadway
Bus - Port Authority Bus Terminal, Times Square - Take Uptown M104 bus from Broadway & 42 St to Broadway & corner 103rd street

Standards and Benefits

The Passport to Broadway Program offers international students a chance to experience, first hand, the best live, Broadway interactive theater education programs, taught by the best, highly trained Broadway specialists, our country has to offer.  It allows these students to experience the intensive training of a professional, successful and highly disciplined Broadway Artist and the myriad skills required in collaboration, interrelation, communication and human exploration. The goals are to expand and deepen students understanding and familiarity with Broadway. Through challenging music, dance, acting and “behind the scenes” studies physically, verbally and intuitively, we prepare them to be highly competitive in whatever career they choose to pursue.

Participants receive the Highest-Quality Broadway Standard Curriculum Experience and Immersion in a Customized American Musical Theater Intensive for approximately 80 to 90 hours of study culminating in a showcase for Top-Broadway Professionals. 

The Passport to Broadway Program offers is renowned for partnering with Top-Broadway Professionals both teaching and attending the Final Performance Showcase in an effort to allow global students to learn, network and be seen and mentored by the most talented, successful and influential VIP's in the Broadway industry in partnership with the most challenging Broadway Curriculum Custom Designed by SL Award Winning Broadway Education Company.

  • StudentsLive provides access to the best of Broadway training and programming.
  • The outcome of this rigorous process and challenging journey is self-discovery, defining, perfecting and mastering raw talents and most importantly, personal growth.
  • Growth comes to competitive artists and individuals in the process.
  • Maneuvering of long-term myriad skills necessary to succeed in all professions including the risky, and competitive performing arts industry.
  • Learn the best collaborative, communication, team building, improvisational, instinctual, physical, creative, psychological and human behavior skills from the most successful Theatre Artists in our country.
  • Learned support to succeed in whatever career path participants eventually decide to pursue.
  • Participants have the “guarantee” and opportunity to change and improve their individual skill base.
  • Have the experience of studying with top-masters who expect the most and motivate self-growth and self-challenges to the highest limits achievable.
  • Results are totally dependent on how participants react to, choose to proceed and are able to survive with new found education and discoveries. 
  • It is a uniquely individual process. 

Expectations and Requirements

1: A One to Two Page Cover Letter about interest in this program and what one hopes to achieve by participating.

2: Proven Track Record of Above Average Academic Grade Point Average (GPA) and Teacher Evaluations if requested in study of Music Dance and/or Acting in either School or as an Extra Curricular Study.

4: Excellent School Attendance and On-Time Records.

5: Two Letters of Recommendation from Current School Teachers Describing Proven Leadership, Team Player Abilities and Work Ethic Evaluations.

6: A commitment to study, memorize  and meet all expectations of the Passport to Broadway Program including but not limited to full attendance at all rehearsals, completion of all homework on time, preparation in advance of materials sent by StudentsLive to Teachers and above average initiative and focus.

7: English Language skills commensurate with an ability to learn, study, read and converse in basic English Language.

8: Required Non-Refundable Tuition Fees on or before due dates.

9: Materials as expected of each student (MP3 Players, Dance Clothes and Shoes, etc. )

10: An understanding that StudentsLive reserves the right to remove or replace any student where and when deemed necessary if any lack of attendance, commitment and /or disruptive impediments occur to the detriment of fellow students, teachers or professional staff. This includes but is not limited to lack of preparation, homework or any unsafe or inappropriate judgment or poor behavior exhibited in the rehearsal process.

11: Student understands that they are agreeing to a professional and challenging rehearsal/ show process in a short amount of time, comparable to the process a Broadway professional experiences, and as such, are committing to the highest work ethic and study expectations necessary to produce the highest standard presentation StudentsLive's brand is known for in the Broadway industry.  

Differences Between Passport to Broadway Program And Others

-The students with other programs present their own individual monologues and songs to faculty and families only at their final showcase. The students in our program work as a "cast" from day one, to perform top-level, complex original arrangements of Broadway Materials tied together by an original book, and then performed for some of the top-Broadway Professionals we have relationships with and who are invited to attend to share feedback and offer access to meet and greet with the students.

-Other programs performances help students develop materials that they either suggest or that the students may already bring on their own to the table, and then gives them individual classes to hopefully increase their skill levels, not necessarily to experience a "show process" or work as a unit or cast with a common focus together from day one. Our Director, Musical Director, Choreographer and Teaching Artists  work together in the room with the students at all times, in an effort to emphasize the very necessary Musical Theater Performance process of combined learning in all disciplines, not as easily or comprehensively accomplished by individual classes in singing, dancing and acting.

-The impact of such great work is that it helps the students combine skill sets from day one, and ultimately look professional and the “best they can” in the final showcase for top-professionals. The feedback from the audience, time and again, is that they are blown away by the difficult range, scope, material and the "show" polish that those non-professional students have achieved in such a short time; ultimately very helpful for them to be recognized in this very competitive industry.

-This very seasoned audience respects and rarely forgets the students’ work, and the major challenges the students have accomplished in such a short time (not just learning how to work alone to increase their own skill sets) just as they would have to do if they were cast in a Broadway Show. Our program truly represents the process and results of a "professional" and less of a "student" in a monologue or scene showcase, which is the typical and normal procedure for short programs like these.

-That said, the high standards and preparation that we put into this program to achieve this process, well in advance of the students arrival, is one of the reasons that the costs are as noted.  We also know, that similarly long-standing and focused programs outside of New York City, where students put on an actual show over the course of a few weeks, are comparable in costs, even though New York City is the heart of Broadway with immediate access and therefore, more expensive than most other places in the country.

-However, we do our best to keep the costs as low as possible and competitive, to ensure as many students who are serious about connecting to this exceptional industry can plan in advance and save for this experience.  

-The Hostel deal we can help secure (holding rooms for longer period of times than they normally allow) at approximately $65 per night for bed and breakfast, on off peak times, and if planned in advance through us, would also be a great incentive for students who want to save money and still invest in their future careers.

-The opportunity to come to New York City and experience such an intensive immersion in such a quality program is a rare opportunity for aspiring serious musical theater students.  If marketed well with your team, it will likely be met with much positive response, as we have experienced though our efforts to do the same. I am also aware that costs and the economy are barriers that we all have to overcome when making choices about our future and planning/budgeting for these type of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. However, there are few programs that provide such excellent and customized access/standards that also have the experience, respect of our industry and proven track record.

-Our mission, to provide international students with access to these opportunities while creating an intensive life-changing process, to prepare them for future careers and opportunities, is a once in a lifetime investment.


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