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"Nothing will do more to open doors for our young people and prepare them for unimagined new careers."
-Former President Bill Clinton on the StudentsLive Broadway Education Programs

"Programs like these enable a new generation of audiences to make the arts a permanent part of their lives."
-Former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton on the StudentsLive Broadway Education Programs

"I've been attending musical theater since the 1970s and I don't recall anything that compares to the visceral and emotional experience like I had the pleasure of witnessing today. The amount of work in "Journey to America" was not only evident but awe-inspiring. Kudos and BRAVO to all of you. You are not only entertaining people but changing lives."
-Paul Greenfield, former writer for The Wall Street Journal

"I just friggin' bawled-that documentary says it all !!!! Forget presentations and lengthy explanations, endorsements and kids who can afford to dance-anyone who watches this and doesn't pick up the phone and immediately get involved is a prat! Love this so much. Thank you for sharing"
-Karen Maybury, Tour and Travel Consultant

"This was the most well-prepared and well-executed education program I have ever attended...here's a program that makes students live and breathe in a way they never did before."
-Peter Filichia, Theatre Critic, Newark Star Ledger and TheaterMania.com


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StudentsLive is proud to have partnered with a top Educational Organization partner in Indonesia to produce a “Broadway Virtual Workshop Series” for students and aspiring artists across Indonesia. Please click here to see descriptions, pictures and testimonials from that series.