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Journey to America Feature Documentary Trailer

Brooklyn College Passport to Broadway Final Performance


Passport to Broadway Japan Reality TV Show featuring members of pop group AKB48, Broadway Performers and Passport to Broadway Theater Students


Part One

Part Two

Brazil Passport to Broadway
Summer 2011

Parte one

Parte two

Parte three

Guatemala Final Performance


South Korea Passport to Broadway
Winter 2012

Parte one

Parte two

Parte three

South Korea Passport to Broadway
Summer 2011

Parte one

Parte two

Parte three

Past Seasons

Passport to Broadway: 2016 Program Pamphlets

China Passport to Broadway Program


Passport to Broadway: 2015 Program Pamphlets

Brooklyn College Program


Passport to Broadway: 2013 Program Pamphlets

South Korea Winter 2013 South Korea Summer 2013
Guatemala Winter 2013  
Guatemala Broadway Rhythms Program – Winter 2013  

Passport to Broadway: 2012 Program Pamphlets

South Korea Summer 2012 South Korea Winter 2012
AKB48 / Japan China

92 Y


Brooklyn College

Schomburg Center NYPL

Fundacion Piaz – Guatemala

Wicked on Broadway

Motown the Musical

StudentsLive Broadway Education Programs

Hostelling International

Girl Scouts of the USA

Musical Rivista

Video Presentation

 Passionate World Radio

To listen to Lillian Caudwell's Interview with StudentsLive and Passport to Broadway's Founder/CEO/Artistic Director Regarding International Musical Theatre Intensives:

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